Tuesday, 14 February 2012

How to get rid of depression

Tips To Overcome Depression Or Tips to Release Tension

Depression and mental stress is very dangerous for health.Human mind can bear mental stress only in a limit.So it is very important to relax your self.There are some tips to reduce depression.

1.  Wear the dresses which you like.
2.  Cook and eat what you like.
3.  Go to any restaurant to eat your favourite dish.
4.  Go to a park.
5.  Play games on computer.
6.  Say prayer.
7.  Eat ice cream it will reduce your tension.
8.  Take a bath you will feel better.
9.  Try to busy yourself in any healthy activity.You will not find time to be depress.
10.Spend time with your relatives.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Medical Treatment By Pomegranate

Benefits Of Pomegranate

How to relieve pain of belly
Sprinkle powder of pepper and salt on pomegranate seeds and eat them you will feel better.

Treatment of loose motion 
Drink one glass juice of pomegranate.Loose motions will be cured.

Treatment of anemia(lack of blood)
Daily drink one glass juice of pomegranate.It will produce new blood in your body.

How to increase energy of heart
Mix 3kg sugar in 1kg juice of pomegranate and put it on fire until it become thick.Stir spoon continuously .After 20 minutes close hearth.Left it for 2 hours.Now safe it in refrigerator.Daily mix 2table spoon in one glass of water and drink it.

Treatment of bleeding gums
Get flowers of pomegranate dry them and make powder .Mix some salt and powder of pepper in it.Use this powder like tooth powder.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Medical Treatment With Carrot

Benefits Of Carrot 

Lack of blood
Daily drink a glass of carrot juice.Do this for 15 days.

How to make eye sight better
Daily eat one carrot in the morning and one carrot in the evening.Do this for one month.

How to get rid of constipation
Eat one carrot daily .Do this for 15 days you will feel better.

How to keep your mind sharp
Daily eat one carrot .Do this for one month.

How to make heart strong and healthy
Daily use carrot as salad in your meal.It is beneficial for heart.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Beauty Tips For Eyes

Health Tips For Eyes
Eye Problems

How to remove dark circles
Daily apply almond oil on dark circles at night before sleeping.In a few weeks dark circles will disappear.

How to remove redness of eyes
Dip cotton piece in milk of goat and put on closed eyes for 10 minutes.Do this only once.

How to make eye lashes long and thick
Daily mix honey in rose water and apply on eye lashes for 10munites..Do this for 15 days

How to make eye brows thick 
Daily massage on eye brows with olive oil.Soon eye brows will be thick.

How to make eyesight stronger and improved
Make powder of almond and fennel(aniseed) and daily eat one tea spoon with milk at night before sleeping.Do this for one month.You will feel difference.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Treatment Of Teeth

 Problems of teeth

How to make yellow teeth white
How to whiten teeth
Apply lemon juice on teeth with the help of tooth brush.Do that once a week it will whiten your teeth.

How to stop bleeding of gums
Reason of bleeding gums is belly disease.So first cure your belly disease.

How to make teeth strong
Mix salt in mustard oil and daily apply on teeth and wash after one hour.Do this  before sleeping and do this for one week.Always do this once a week.

How to remove worms of teeth
Daily apply clove oil on teeth three times a day .Do this for three days.

Tooth pain relief
Home remedies for toothache
Place five cloves in teeth .Oral resin will produce in your mouth again and again.So spit it .Tooth ache will disappear in a few minutes.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tips For Skin

 Beautiful Skin Care Tips

Oily skin problem
How to make oily skin normal
Take one banana paste and half lemon juice mix them and apply on face and wash your face after one hour.It will make your skin normal and oil free.Do this only once a week.

Dry Skin problem
How to make dry skin normal
Mix one tea spoon glycerine ,one tea spoon rose water and one tea spoon lemon juice.Apply it on face at night and wash your face in the morning.Skin will be normal at first time.Do this once or twice a week according to your skin requirement.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Tips For Hair

Treatment Of Hair

How to get long and thick hair
How to make your hair grow faster
Dip dry amla(urdu word)in water for 6 hours then grind it and make like paste .Apply this paste in the roots of hair.After two hours wash your hair.Do this twice a week.

How to remove dandruff of hair
Mix one egg yolk in two tea spoon of mustard oil and apply this paste on the roots of hair .Wash hair after two hour.Do this once a week.

How to remove problem of split ends hair
To get rid of this problem massage your hair and scalp twice a week and eat salad ,eggs ,milk and vegetables.

How to stop hair fall
Massage on scalp with nigella seeds oil(kalonji oil) twice a week.It will stop falling hair.

How to make hair  black
Daily eat one fresh amla before 15minutes of breakfast.

How to make hair strong
To make your hair strong daily eat one fresh amla before breakfast.